Lider Wooden Sided 34480


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Designation:  TRAILER 34480
GVWR (kg):  1300/1200/1100/1000
Empty mass (kg):  320
Useful dimensions (cm):  251 x 133 x 40
Overall dimensions (cm):  386×184
Wheels:  155 / 70R13
Axle resistance (x) (kg):  2 x 750 kg
Cash type:  Fixed
Jockey wheel:  Ø60
Folding sideboard (s):  Front and rear
Inertia braking:  Yes
Option:  Flat tarpaulin – tarpaulin high 80 cm – ladder door
Spare wheel + support
Pole plate extensions 35 cm Grid extensions
70 cm
bridge holder 1m20 + rear crutches


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