Saver Pack – Saragos Camping Trailer 39220 – Includes Lid, Bars and Extension Sides




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This trailer comes complete with:

1x ABS Lid

1x Lid Bars

1x Extension Sides


Designation:  SARAGOS 39220
Maximum Gross Weight (kg):  750
Unladen Weight (kg):  156
Bed Size (cm):  170 X 122 X 39
Overall dimensions (cm):  283 X 174
Wheels:  165 / 70R13
Axle Weight (x) (kg):  750
Floor:  Antiskid wood
Jockey stand / wheel ø48:  Jockey wheel
Folding Front and Rear Sideboard(s):  Front and rear
Galvanized V-shaped drawbar:  Yes
Flat cover:  Option
High cover 40cm:  Option only in 80 cm
Spare wheel and Carrier:  Option
Extension Sides:  Option
Bars:  options
Mesh extensions:  Option high. 50 cm
All-purpose bars:  Option
Option:  Scale door with
perforated plate

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Spare wheel and carrier


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