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Camping trailers in stock for sale

Camping/General Purpose Trailers

Camping trailers in stock for sale.

There are numerous reasons why you might need a small trailer. You may just be looking for an extra bit of storage space while camping, or even if you are just doing some tip runs? If so, the range of Lider camping trailers or the Lider general use trailers may be just perfect for you.
With one of our lightweight camping trailers you will not to have worry about carrying all of your camping gear in your vehicle anymore. We have a wide selection of camping trailers available with many optional extras to choose from which include:

ABS Lids – Jockey Wheels – Extension Sides – Mesh Sides – Ramps.
Lider Trailers Optional Accessories, can also be found at the bottom of each Lider Trailer listing.

Please call 01254 675522 for information.